Afterwords to The Conference.NFT: A real phenomenon in today’s digital world that are here to stay
June 23, 2021
Afterwords to The Conference.NFT: A real phenomenon in today’s digital world that are here to stay

The Conference.NFT took you on a deep online dive into the world of NFTs on June 17 where everyone could enjoy hours of unique presentations, hot panel discussions, and encouraging debates. Because of the global pandemic, we had to hold the conference online. But as we are already into the digital remote mode, what can be more safe and comfortable, huh?

Firstly, we would like to thank our incredible speakers for making this event so fantastic. Representatives of the most progressive and industry-leading companies on the market: The Sandbox, Consensys, Waves, Netflix, Niftygateway, and other well-known companies shared their outstanding presentations, joined inspired discussion panels, and answered your curious questions.

Moreover, The Conference.NFT wouldn’t have been even imaginable without sponsors: remarkable support provided by NFTmall and Oraichain made sure that the conference succeeded even in such trying times. Our team is so thankful to them for making everything happen.

You can check the full video of The Conference.NFT here.

The Conference.NFT’s agenda was quite busy. Just imagine: more than four hours of unique presentations and debating points were covered:


Discussion panel: What are NFTs? Is it a bubble or here to stay?
Moderator: Steve Mc Garry, co-founder of GrowYourBase
Participants: Shreyansh Singh (Polygon), Michael Sofaer (Pylons), Tejas Chopra (Netflix), Sasha Ivanov (Waves).
“NFTs beyond the hype, the good and bad cases” – Yan Ketelers, Arkane Network.
NFTs are something the whole world is interested in. This panel provided the audience with speakers’ thoughts about the current state of NFTs and their long-term possibilities, NFTs’ role in such fields as art and gaming, what NFTs will bring us in future, and why the NFT term is more frequently searched than “DeFi”. Help and guidance through good and bad cases are included.


Discussion panel: NFTs Now. Artists, marketplace and investor talk about the current ecosystem.
Moderator: Peg Samuel, Anrkeyx
Participants: Olive Allen (Visual Artist, NFT Artist), Krista Kim (Techism Artist), Zach Burks (Mintable), Miko Matsumura (Gumi Cryptos), Stefania Barbaglio (Cassiopea Services).
“NFT originality proof with AI and NFT Tokenization Launchpad for Artists” – Chung Dao Ph.D (Oraichain)
“Driving value to the NFT marketplaces through curation, archiving and artist support.” – Maria Fernandez, Golem Network
What happens when some NFT artists, marketplace developers, and investors are brought together? They start a heated discussion about the current landscape of the NFT market, how to create and sell your first NFT, and the rules of doing so. The NFT market is exploding with dozens of monetizing opportunities. How do you keep your art authentic and what should you learn from the art world to succeed? Our participants discussed these issues and gave some tips.


Discussion panel: Leading marketplaces. Competitors or ecosystem?
Moderator: Joel Dietz, Artwallet
Participants: Erick SnowFro (ArtBlocks), Miguel Romero (Nifty Gateway), Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), Conlan Rios (Async Art), Mattison Asher (ConsenSys).
“What is the value of a meme? The Journey from NFTs to memecoins” – Mattias Tyrberg (
“What is NFTmall, its benefits and the way it envisions bringing NFT into the masses.” – MD Rakib Ahamed (NFTmall)
“Burning NFT. How we at NFT Fantasy League want to tackle the liquidity and value of NFTs.” – Dmitriy Boshenyatov (CyberTime Finance)
2021 is the year of NFT marketplaces which are becoming a cornerstone of the crypto ecosystem. Our speakers discussed the liquidity, sustainability, and value of NFTs to figure out the most important points due to the dynamic growth of NFT marketplaces.


Discussion panel: Legal implications of NFTs
Moderator: Guy Maevsky
Participants: Daud Zulfacar (License.Rocks), Gordon Einstein (CryptoLaw Partners), Andrew Bull (Bull Blockchain Law).
“NFT legal trends” – Guy Maevsky
Legal implication of NFTs is a trending topic today. What are the risks? How to stay safe? What are you exactly buying when buying an NFT? And what does basic legal stuff include? Our speakers have discussed everything about the legal state of NFTs as a part of the crypto ecosystem.

This was an extremely useful event with tons of important insights from the speakers. More than 1,000 people watched the conference online. Additionally, the full recording is available on our YouTube channel.
We highly appreciate all the speakers, sponsors, media partners, moderators, and viewers for joining The Conference.NFT no matter what. We’ve all proved that NFTs are a real phenomenon in today’s digital world that are here to stay.

Thank you for all your support and attention!

Stay tuned for more events from AroundB.

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